Expenses / Costs At Karimunjawa!

Before you read this post you may want to read this :

Trip from Bandung to Jepara...

Here it is what I’ve promise to you before... The list of all expenses while I’m in Karimunjawa. The list divided into 3 unrelated parts, my trip from Bandung to Jepara, the inevitable expenses, the first until the fifth day expenses.

One more thing, this expense list is based on 6 people doing the trip… so enjoy!


Me and Karimunjawa!

I want to post something about my trip to Karimunjawa,, but since It had been a few weeks or so… I almost forget anything about it :D

The only thing I remember about my trip is that It’s not fun… but it is Superbfun! Hahahah 

About what and how is Karimunjawa looks like,, I guess you all must have knew about it…

Trip from Bandung to Pelabuhan Kartini, Jepara

**Bandung – Jepara**

This is some guidance for you who are going to Jepara without any preparation for it. 
may my experience become a good lessons for you guys... 

There are several ways to go to Jepara from Bandung. Some people suggest to take a bus named Shan…something… I don’t remember… :p (I guess it is Shantika) It’s an executive class bus with Air Conditioner, toilet, smoking room, blablabla in it… Leaving at 7pm from Bandung and takes about 10 hours of trip to Jepara. You’ll be in Jepara at 6am in the morning.
[Cozy Bus | rate 4/5 | Rp 95.000,00 | 10 hours]

**Bandung – Kutoarjo – (Magelang )– Semarang – Jepara**
But my friends, they need to pick me up first at Magelang before… So they choose to take an economy class train at Kiaracondong station leaving at 9.30pm from Bandung to Kutoarjo, Kutojaya train for Rp 20.000,00.
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