Trip from Bandung to Pelabuhan Kartini, Jepara

**Bandung – Jepara**

This is some guidance for you who are going to Jepara without any preparation for it. 
may my experience become a good lessons for you guys... 

There are several ways to go to Jepara from Bandung. Some people suggest to take a bus named Shan…something… I don’t remember… :p (I guess it is Shantika) It’s an executive class bus with Air Conditioner, toilet, smoking room, blablabla in it… Leaving at 7pm from Bandung and takes about 10 hours of trip to Jepara. You’ll be in Jepara at 6am in the morning.
[Cozy Bus | rate 4/5 | Rp 95.000,00 | 10 hours]

**Bandung – Kutoarjo – (Magelang )– Semarang – Jepara**
But my friends, they need to pick me up first at Magelang before… So they choose to take an economy class train at Kiaracondong station leaving at 9.30pm from Bandung to Kutoarjo, Kutojaya train for Rp 20.000,00.

Arrive in Kutoarjo at 6am in the morning and then they took a bus to my house in Magelang for Rp 10.000,00.
After taking a break in my house, we leave Magelang for Semarang at noon using a Rp 4.000,00 small bus to the Soekarno-Hatta Magelang bus station, met my other friend here and then taking an Excecutive class bus named Nusantara for Rp 21.000,00 to Terminal Terboyo, Semarang.
Another solution is to take Sumber Alam bus leaving from Kutoarjo straight to Semarang for about Rp 30.000,00. It save your time a few hours.
From terminal Terboyo Semarang using a small bus leaving to Jepara for Rp 11.000,00. --funny story here

[Complicated Trip | rate 2/5 | Rp 66.000,00 | 19 hours]

Advice : Just take the [Cozy Bus] if you don’t have any relatives or friends living in Jepara because you’ll need to stay overnight to catch up the boat in the morning.

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