Me and Karimunjawa!

I want to post something about my trip to Karimunjawa,, but since It had been a few weeks or so… I almost forget anything about it :D

The only thing I remember about my trip is that It’s not fun… but it is Superbfun! Hahahah 

About what and how is Karimunjawa looks like,, I guess you all must have knew about it…

So in this post I just want to share about the main story of my adventure in there…
And about the expense while we are there… I attached some links related to it… 

Because it is long and complicated, so I’ll make it simple and linked it to another post so that you guys can read it conveniently :)

Well,, my group consists of 6 people... 4 people set out from Bandung, 1 people from Jogja and 1 handsome people as in me… from my house :D but we took the same route to go to Jepara before leaving for Karimunjawa.

Actually there are 2 ways to get to the Karimunjawa island… via Semarang and via Jepara…

From Semarang :

Using KMC Kartini 1, it’s leaving twice a week every Saturday 09.00 and Monday 07.00.
Ticket Price : Rp 131.000,00 ( 3 up to 3,5 hours of trip )
*you can see the schedule here.

From Jepara :

Using Ferry Boat KMP Muria, normally it’s leaving once every two days. However, In case of cancellation on one date, it will automatically be postdated 1 day.
Ticket Price : mmm… I think it’s around Rp 30.000,00 could be more… could be less… ( 6 up to 6,5 hours of trip )
*you can see the schedule here.

And about our trip from Bandung to Jepara, you can read it here.

Our adventure in Karimunjawa is divided into 3 magnificent days...

Day 1 we traveled around the western island of Karimunjawa using small fisherman boat. We went diving, swimming in a pool full of sharks, grilling a fish while playing around a private island… Recommended islands to visit are Menjangan island, enjoy the sunset in Tanjung Gelam, and Cemara island. One thing I forget is which one is it… Cemara Kecil or Cemara Besar? Never mind, just ask people around or visit both of them okay? :D
*read the expense of Day1 here.


Day 2 we were doing a road trip. Using motorcycle to travel around Karimunjawa main island is quite awesome. Some advise for you : you don’t need any tour guide here. Just rent some bike and go! It’s better that way… Don’t worry you’ll never get lost as long as you are stay in the road… :D
*read the expense of Day2 here.



Day 3 again! We were going around the sea… this time we went to the eastern island of Karimunjawa. We visited Sambangan island, Gosong island and Cilik island. It was pretty awesome because we used an underwater camera to take a picture with the coral and sea fish… It was fun… :D
*read the expense of Day3 here.


Day 4 we’re leaving Karimunjawa island… again using KMP Muria going back to Jepara and then Solo! Well,,it’s another story to tell… There are so many to tell you… Later I’ll write a few short story about whatever happened in Karimunjawa island. See ya!


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